FAQ about Working in Software Testing

Have you seen an interesting job opening on our website, but you want to know more about working at spriteCloud before you apply? Are you looking to get more insights on specifics of working as a software testing consultant?

You came to the right place, in our FAQ about working in software testing you’ll find the answer to all these types of questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Working as a software tester at spriteCloud

What type of work can I expect to do at spriteCloud?

spriteCloud is an innovative IT consultancy headquartered in Amsterdam specialising in software testing, test automation and cybersecurity. We also opened an office in Barcelona in 2021 and have a small group of testing consultants working from Spain now. We work with leading brands both in the Netherlands and internationally. Heineken, Ahold Delhaize, Brunel and Adidas, for example, are our clients.

If you’re curious to learn more about some of the projects we completed for our clients have a look at our testing case studies or listen to our colleague Prashant Singh tell you about his work as a performance testing engineer in this video.

Where and for whom will I work as a consultant?

At spriteCloud we have adopted a hybrid work setting: some of our colleagues work from the office, some from our clients' offices and others from their homes in the Netherlands or abroad. We even have a colleague who is currently working from his van while he travels through Europe. In a nutshell, when possible with our client's requirements, we give our staff the flexibility to choose where they want to work from.

How long do the projects usually last?

That varies depending on our clients' testing needs. Some projects take a few days, while others last multiple weeks or months. The record held by one of our colleagues is two years, but that is pretty exceptional.

How does spriteCloud support learning and development?

We firmly believe that our staff needs to be continuously learning to be ready to face the developments in the (Dutch) tech industry. That is why we foster internal learning opportunities and also support you financially if you want to do a course and get a certification. We also do that for Dutch or English language classes.

What happens if I’m placed on a testing project that I don’t enjoy or doesn’t correspond to my technical skills?

We do our best to find a match that works for all stakeholders. However, sometimes mismatches happen. In those cases, transparent communication and solution-oriented thinking are key to finding an alternative solution that satisfies both the tester and the client.

How do I keep in contact with my colleagues when we all work at different clients?

We regularly organise events to get together with the team be it at our office or during our monthly social activities. In the past, we did events like at an arcade game night and a bike tour through the flower fields, for example. We also have regular on-site and online spriteTalks where we discuss hot topics in quality assurance and testing. You can find some impressions of what's happening at spriteCloud on LinkedIn at #lifeatspritecloud.

Sharon our HR assistant

Do you have other questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact Sharon Janmaat, our HR Assistant, she’ll be happy to help you!

Sharon our HR assistant

Do you have other questions?

Do you have questions about our application process or one of our openings, for example?
Reach out to Sharon, our HR Assistant, she’ll be happy to help you!