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Justin Leavenworth appointed as Group CEO at spriteCloud

Press Release: Justin Leavenworth appointed as spriteCloud Group CEO

To facilitate the transition from technical leadership to organisation leadership, Justin Leavenworth was appointed Group CEO at spriteCloud. Amsterdam, The Netherlands – April 21, 2022 – spriteCloud B.V., an Amsterdam-based quality assurance testing and cybersecurity services provider, is announcing the appointment of Justin Leavenworth as

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9 year anniversary Martin

Nine years at spriteCloud with Martin

The spriteCloud adventure started in 2009 and a few years later Martin joined the (small) team. Back then, the company consisted of six people based in one and the same country. As we celebrate Martin’s ninth work anniversary, and with the spriteCloud team growing internationally,

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Max software tester Anniversary

A year at spriteCloud with Max

A year ago, we were fortunate to have Max Kunkels join our team of testers. Max started working at spriteCloud during an uncertain time for our industry due to the pandemic. This got us especially curious to know how his first year went as he

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A year at spriteCloud: an interview with Jellert and Nafeez our software tester

A year at spriteCloud with Jellert and Nafeez

One year ago, spriteCloud had the great fortune to hire two amazing test engineers, Jellert Wijnands and Nafeez Virani. They joined spriteCloud during a very chaotic time as the coronavirus pandemic raged around the world and created a lot of uncertainty for our industry.  Today,

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Getting to know us: Inna, our new Test Engineer.

Getting to know us: Inna, our new Test Engineer

Further strengthening our complement of incredible testers originally from Ukraine, is Inna. I think what makes Inna such a strong test engineer is her interest in continually developing her skills and her love of trying new things. This combined with her strong work ethic means

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Max, our new Test Engineer

Getting to know us: Max, our new Test Engineer

A few months ago we were lucky enough to have Max join spriteCloud as a Test Engineer. It’s incredible how someone so young and fresh-faced comes with a ton of digital agency side functional testing experience. Aside from Max’s experience and high level of taking

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spriteCloud just turned 10 years old!

spriteCloud 10 Year Anniversary

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of spriteCloud wading into the murky waters of software testing and learning to swim with the big boys. Today we celebrate ten years of software testing excellence, ten years of building a name in the industry, and ten years of

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