Press Release: Justin Leavenworth appointed as spriteCloud Group CEO

Mark Barzilay

Mark Barzilay

Test Automation and DevOps Expert Managing Director of spriteCloud Cybersecurity
Justin Leavenworth appointed as Group CEO at spriteCloud

To facilitate the transition from technical leadership to organisation leadership, Justin Leavenworth was appointed Group CEO at spriteCloud.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – April 21, 2022 – spriteCloud B.V., an Amsterdam-based quality assurance testing and cybersecurity services provider, is announcing the appointment of Justin Leavenworth as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

In 2020 spriteCloud appointed Justin Leavenworth as managing director of cybersecurity; he was brought on to lead spriteCloud’s cybersecurity arm due to his expertise in strategic digital business growth and transformation. He brings 20 years of experience in fast-changing environments, where he created a shared sense of security across stakeholders by building antifragility within organisations and ecosystems.  

This entrepreneurial spirit and extensive leadership experience in developing organisational learning, negotiating intercultural challenges, and navigating digital transformation have made him a fitting choice to lead spriteCloud into the next stage of its growth strategy. spriteCloud has always had solid technical expertise, which has brought the business far, but as the organisation grows, spriteCloud needs to transition from technical leadership to organisational leadership. This is an essential component of spriteCloud’s growth strategy because it will address a significant problem, testing is undervalued in the software industry.

Justin’s vision for spriteCloud is to create a space where testers are valued. His goal is to develop an elite group of testers by focusing on a community, based on the principles of Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. Creating an atmosphere where testers feel valued will support them in maximising opportunities to think creatively, challenge assumptions and explore problems from a range of angles, thereby fostering test engineers that embrace the values of DevOps. 

As development transitions from focusing on monolithic releases to continuous deployment, we believe our elite group of testers will be uniquely equipped to meet the demand for quality engineers and not just testers. spriteCloud thinks that focusing on its company values and supporting its community of testers (and the greater test community) will help shift the opinion of quality assurance as a blocker to quality assurance as a value-add.

Throughout his career, Justin’s main focus has been nurturing supportive environments that foster an empathetic culture of learning and development. This leadership style, combined with the redefining of our post-pandemic company culture and values, will help us ensure that our community feels valued and has the skills to bring tangible value to the client.


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