A year at spriteCloud with Jellert and Nafeez

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Mark Barzilay

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A year at spriteCloud: an interview with Jellert and Nafeez our software tester

One year ago, spriteCloud had the great fortune to hire two amazing test engineers, Jellert Wijnands and Nafeez Virani. They joined spriteCloud during a very chaotic time as the coronavirus pandemic raged around the world and created a lot of uncertainty for our industry. 

Today, we are happy to celebrate Jellert Wijnands and Nafeez Virani’s first anniversary at spriteCloud. On this occasion, we thought it would be interesting to learn about their experiences working as Test Engineers on several different projects with clients and starting a new job during the pandemic. So let’s dive in!

Jellert and Nafeez, these last years have been pretty crazy, how has your first year at spriteCloud been?

Jellert: It’s been a good and interesting first year. spriteCloud is a company that’s growing and changing rapidly at the moment with all very friendly and helpful colleagues. Very nice to be a part of it.

Nafeez: Honestly speaking my first year at spriteCloud was a bit challenging, yet one of the best years in my career.


We often hear from new hires that the reason they joined is for the opportunity to gain a lot of diverse experience. Have you learned anything new since you’ve joined?

Nafeez: Yes, Of course, I have learnt many new things and implemented them for my clients. Performing automated tests on physical devices, Automating fingerprint and FaceID for android (emulator) and iOS (simulator) platforms, Automating the QR code scanning for React Native apps are few of the amazing things which I am proud of. Last but not least, ‘AWS device farm’ brought a huge shift in regression testing.

Jellert: I’ve learned a lot during my first year! For about 8 months I worked for Dept where I worked on many different projects with different tools and applications. I’ve gained a lot of experience there.


Could you share with us what clients have you worked with and what kinds of projects you have been working on?

Jellert: During onboarding, I already started with my first project. This was Medicheck where I did functional testing and automation. After Medicheck, I worked on a music distribution app called Ledo. Then,  I started working for Dept for which I have worked on 13 different projects.

Nafeez: I have worked with multiple clients: ResN, BuddyPayment were short term projects. I’m currently working at Nationale-Nederlanden which is one complex project with multiple sub-projects within.


How was your experience starting a new job during a global pandemic?

Nafeez: It was difficult in the beginning as we could not make much use of the facilities [at spritecCloud and at the client’s site] but later on I got used to the new norm and things are getting better each quarter.

Jellert: It’s quite weird to be starting during a global pandemic. Even though onboarding and working with clients went smoothly while working from home, there are still many colleagues I have never seen face-to-face. 

Working remotely was not all bad, what was your favourite thing that happened during work this year?

Jellert: The day our Line Manager group went to the office to have lunch together and some drinks after work. That was really nice!

Nafeez: All these years, I was automating web applications but now I also have the confidence to automate complex scenarios for mobile apps and I am really enjoying it 🙂


If you had the ability to do so, what would you change about last year?

Nafeez: I believe in accepting the situation as it is and working on the solutions. The change should reflect in the results.

Jellert: I would get rid of the pandemic so that we could all go to the office a bit more and see each other! Besides that, I would like to focus a bit more on automation.

Thanks for taking the time to give us a glimpse into your first year at spriteCloud and all the best for the ones to come. Once again, we are super happy to have you guys as part of our big testing family.

If you are curious about learning more about what working at spriteCloud is like, follow our #lifeatspritecloud tag on LinkedIn. We are hiring regularly so if you think this is a place that you would feel at home in, head over to our jobs page and apply to one of our open positions.

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