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Hands of DJ mixing music
In his free time Arthur enjoys making electronic music.

It’s always lovely to get a new member of the team. This time we’d like to welcome Arthur, who joined us last month as a Test Engineer. Over to him!

1. Tell us about yourself!

Hi, I’m Arthur Pawiroredjo. I was born in Suriname (Paramaribo) and have been a Dutch citizen since 1995. I got started in testing in September 2008. At the moment I’m living in Rotterdam with my girlfriend and her two kids, Dylan and Luna, and our pets, Gudu (dog) and Loki (cat). When I do have some free time (lately not so much), I love to spend some time on music. My biggest hobby at the moment is playing at different venues as a DJ. My sound is Deep House, Tech House, House and Techno. I also like good food and I’m the cook at home whenever possible. My favorite vacation hotspot is Ibiza and I really care for the sun, sea and sand.

2. What do you do at spriteCloud?

I have been a Software Tester at spriteCloud since 18th September 2017. I started on a project in the first week with a really nice client, and have had a good experience in a short period of time.

3. What do you hope to achieve at spriteCloud?

What I hope to achieve is to get more experience in different environments on different kind of projects. spriteCloud provides the possibility of increasing your skillset, so I would really like to development my professional skills further so that my performance as a tester is even better.

4. What is your favourite thing about software testing?

My favorite things about testing software are: the KICK of delivering a product, satisfying customer needs due to my or my team’s input, thinking outside the box to make sure that nothing has been missed in a client’s application, and thinking as a user and trying to get the product as user-friendly as possible.

Welcome to spriteCloud, Arthur! 

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