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After a long day of work Loes likes to go running, even if it rains.

spriteCloud has welcomed many new people to the team these past few months, and Loes is our newest addition. She is joining us as a Junior Software Test Engineer after a career break, and is excited to get back into the world of testing. Read on to find about more about her.

1. Tell us about yourself!
Hello everyone. My name is Loes Besters, I live in the beautiful city of Utrecht with my boyfriend, two kids and our cat. I love to watch movies, both on Netflix and in the movie theater (I have a very eclectic taste – the good, the bad and even sometimes the ugly). The last one was Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and it was awesome!

I like to go for a run – even in the rain – to clear my head after a full day of work. But my favourite thing is to do arts and crafts and play games with my kids. We love decorating our whole house together for important events and holidays. At Halloween for instance, we had witches, spiders and mummies all over our walls.

I have 3 years’ experience as a Tester, and prior to that I worked for 5 years in the field of polymer chemistry, doing different projects with solar cells, rocket fuel and adhesives.

2. What do you do at spriteCloud?
After a working break/maternity leave of about 7 years, I’m finding my way back to the testing world and spriteCloud is proving to be – and feeling like – a warm nest. I’ve started as a Junior Software Test Engineer and my first project is at a company that facilitates matches between IT businesses and experts with complementary skills and expertise, allowing them to work together like a network.

3. What do you hope to achieve at spriteCloud?
I want to make my journey back into the testing world as fun and meaningful as I possibly can. I hope to improve my knowledge and skills on test automation, test tooling and test methods, and make a great addition to the spriteCloud family.

4. What is your favourite thing about software testing?
I like helping clients improve their product. It makes the world a better place. Also, I enjoy creating the most fabulous test persons (fictional characters mostly) in my test cases and learning something new every day!

Welcome, Loes!

spriteCloud is hiring! Are you a functional web tester and looking to join a friendly group of people and get stuck into a wide variety of exciting projects? Get in touch with us!

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