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This is the spriteCloud company author.

Along with a new intern, we also welcomed a new Test Engineer to our team in August.

Martin gave a presentation about himself and his history at our monthly company meeting, so it’s high time that he introduced himself to you!

1. Tell us about yourself!
Hi! I’m Martin. Turned 28 about a month ago. I have worked as a Gamification Consultant, IT service person and Game Designer. At this moment, I’ve been a professional software tester for over three years. My 1926 apartment is located in the lively Lombok area of Utrecht, where, with my lovely girlfriend Anne, I’ve been living for the last year. I like to play all kinds of games: tabletop games, video games and pen and paper role-playing games. My sports are jumping, bouldering and running. I have an interest in psychology and can say I’m a ENPF, a 9 and an I – S according to various personality tests.

2. What do you do at spriteCloud?
I’m about to start a mobile test automation job for a leading Dutch online department store. My task there is to convert the existing test cases into automated scripts using Appium, Ruby and Cucumber. Testing has to happen on Android and iOS devices. This past month I’ve been doing some short, manual test projects for a major international brewing company, resulting in, among others, the upgrade of their site in France.

3. What do you hope to achieve at spriteCloud?
Apart from having a great time and working on fun and interesting projects, I hope to grow into a full-fledged Test Automation Engineer. Testing software is fun, but making software test itself is even more fun! I love to tackle IT challenges and since (mobile) test automation is still fairly new, there still enough tackling and pioneering to do.

4. What is your favourite thing about software testing?
Helping out by being a critic. Or, in other words, making people happy by nagging. As being a bit of a perfectionist I spot mistakes easily (a trait all testers have). Getting issues fixed and seeing a flawless application being released to the public makes me really proud. I perform best working in a team. To build something awesome together is a strong drive to get out of bed early every day.

Welcome to spriteCloud, Martin!

spriteCloud is hiring! Are you a functional web tester and looking to join a friendly group of people and work on a variety of fantastic projects? Get in touch with us!

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