Getting to know us: Bozena, our new QA Engineer

Mark Barzilay

Mark Barzilay

Test Automation and DevOps Expert Managing Director of spriteCloud Cybersecurity
Getting to know us: Bozena, QA Engineer

In this latest “Getting to Know Us” post we talk to one of our new QA engineers, Bozena. 

Bozena is a woman of many interests and talents. This makes her a joy to work with and a fun person to have on during our weekly Friday afternoon tech talks and social drinks. She also takes her testing seriously, so if you are lucky, you might have her on your project in the near future.

Take a moment to get to know Bozena!

Tell us about yourself.

  • I’m a person who cares about people and work. 
  • I love to laugh and to make people laugh. 
  • I’m a person who has many interests and has tried many hobbies – enough to find a subject to talk about almost anything, with anybody.
  • Love challenges and to learn new things.

What will you be doing at spriteCloud?

  • As a Quality Assurance Engineer, of course, I will be testing many different projects, websites, programs, and apps! 
  • I will also meet a lot of new people and gain as much knowledge as I possibly can by learning from others.
  • Providing the best advice/work service to clients, and fellow QA’s, etc.
  • Having good fun working together!

How did you get into software testing?

I worked really hard  and I was lucky that I had a manager who told me “tell me what you want and I will try to give you an opportunity to reach your goals,  the rest is up to you.”

Aside from that managers help actually getting into testing, I was interested in testing because I always want to know why. For example, why something failed, and I would always ask questions like “why I’m not getting the results I expect?”, or think “how would I improve it?”, “can it be improved?”, “such a nice product/website/program! But why is loading so long?”

What do you hope to achieve or learn here at spriteCloud?

  • Definitely learn automation as I don’t have knowledge about this area of testing, yet! 
  • End up in cybersecurity testing industry  (I found it very interesting).
  • To become a QA expert, which in the future allows me to share my knowledge with somebody who will need it, as there are a lot of testers who want more but they don’t know how to do it or even where to start. 
  • Maybe one day become a QA manager or trainer (we will see what the future will bring).
  • Provide the best service which I possibly can with our clients.
  • Work on many different and interesting projects.

What do you enjoy most about software testing and what do you least enjoy about software testing?

I enjoy when: 

  • A website/program/app is working smoothly, 
  • When the application does what it is supposed to do, 
  • Good feedback from client/PO/stakeholders that they are happy with results, 
  • That feeling of satisfaction after finding and fixing bugs.
  • Try to “destroy” as much as possible,  so the client/user can’t “bullet-proof” the product.
  • Confident when I present changes. 
  • Being able to say “I told you so” to a developer when they say “my code is good”, and I just inform them that I found a bug. 

Enjoying less: 

  • Not being involved in the beginning of the change/project and then trying to put the pieces in order to get a better understanding of the problem and solution.
  • Waiting(!), not a big fan.
  • When I see a bug but “ it is not important to fix.”
  • 1 sentence … “it works on my machine!” 🙂

Tell us something that you wish more people knew about you.

  • I always protect people who I think need protection.  
  • If I say “I promise” no matter what it, is I will do it. That is why it’s so hard to get that phrase out of me. I always do my best to accomplish the task but if I promised something I HAVE to do it (that is why I can’t say “I promise this will be done tomorrow,”  there are too many factors that could potentially not let me finish the task)
  • Everything I have is by my own hard work, and I am proud of that.

Thanks for helping us get to know a little more about you Bozena. We are looking forward to working with you for a long time. Keep up the great work!

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