Getting to know us: John Lock, our new Test Engineer

Mark Barzilay

Mark Barzilay

Test Automation and DevOps Expert Managing Director of spriteCloud Cybersecurity

This week we get to welcome a new addition to our Technical Testing team, John Lock. John has lived all around the world understands the more important aspects of life, like becoming a great foosball player. Jokes aside, get to know this great tester and citizen of the world, John Lock.

John Lock

Hello John, welcome to spriteCloud! Glad to have you join the family. Tell us about yourself.

While born in the UK I’ve now spent more of my life living outside of the UK than within it, as a child many years were spent between Nigeria and U.A.E., then later spending time in Sweden and the Netherlands. I was interested in IT once a got into PC gaming as a 13-year-old, building my own gaming rigs and modding games. While IT was always important in my life, I actually studied Politics at university lead by the curiosity over how power dynamics work. Eventually, I really saw the light and could see how I could apply what I had learned there to the world by the means of software development.

What do you do at spriteCloud?

As a Technical Test Engineer, I am primarily focused on Test Automation. This involves both creating test automation suites from scratch, as well as improving existing test automation suites.

Beyond that I am also looking for opportunities to get involved with the Operations side engineering, putting my experience in DevOps to use, as well as applying my experience with performance testing.

What do you hope to achieve at spriteCloud?

Here at spriteCloud, I hope to bring together my wide range of experiences in different aspects of software delivery to make an impact that spans many different companies and technologies. I feel like I am at the stage of my career where I have a large range of tools in my toolbox and enough experience to know where I can put them to good use, I hope that at spriteCloud I can not only make an impact by applying this to many challenges as well as push to adapt to the new & unexpected encountered along the way.

More importantly though, I hope I get better at Foosball, as within my first week here I was proven a mere amateur.

What is your favourite thing about software testing?

Software testing is of particular interest to me because I am driven by an interest by how software is produced. Testing is in a great position to pursue this in two big ways: the first is that good testing can provide the foundation for development to be meaningfully agile due to fast feedback loops. Secondly, testing is integral to matching up development with business requirements which lead to a unique and valuable perspective as to the processes by which each operates.

Tell us something that you wish more people knew about you.

By way of a warning, I feel others ought to know that I could talk endlessly about cars, perhaps talking more about them and driving than IT even. Since a kid I followed Rally Driving and love Endurance racing still – my 2018 highlight was going to Le Mans 24h. So if it comes up in conversation be prepared to tell me when to shut up, whether I am going on about the downsides of a Torsen Differential or just what I’ve found in the used car ads recently.

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