Getting to know us: Travis Hatridge, our new Digital Marketer

Mark Barzilay

Mark Barzilay

Test Automation and DevOps Expert Managing Director of spriteCloud Cybersecurity

spriteCloud has been on a bit of a hiring spree lately, which is great! We’ve got a lot of new faces to introduce over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for more of our “Getting to know..” pieces, as there are many more to come.

To start off with, we are going to introduce the newest addition to our Commerical Group team, the only marketer in the house, and the writer of this intro text, Travis Hatridge.

Hello Travis, welcome to spriteCloud! Glad to have you join the family.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi. Thanks a lot!

My name is Travis. I am originally from Dallas, Texas, in the United States but I have been in the Netherlands since I was 17. So after 10+ years, I am not really American nor am I really Dutch. I currently live in the southern part of Amsterdam with my girlfriend. Fortunately, Amsterdam is a city that is no stranger to welcoming foreigners and I can genuinely say it is my favourite city in the world.

What will you be doing at spriteCloud?
At spriteCloud I will be working as an Online/Digital Marketer for spriteCloud and their test results dashboard At the moment I am the only marketer in the company but I think that will change pretty quickly. As the only marketer, I am the copywriter, content manager, advertising specialist, graphic designer, and strategist, all in one. No pressure :p

What do you hope to achieve at spriteCloud?
When I first interviewed with spriteCloud I was really excited to work with a company that has such a good reputation but does not do much in the way of marketing. It’s maybe a little weird to be excited about this since it means I have a lot of work to do, but it also means I have the opportunity to grow along with the business. It’s going to be great to really get to see the impact my role has on the company.

What is your favourite thing about your role or spriteCloud?
My favourite thing about spriteCloud is that, very early on, I got a strong impression that my colleagues are genuine people that care about what they do and don’t take themselves too seriously. A character that is, unfortunately, lacking in many marketing departments.
More specifically about my role, I am looking forward to getting to build things from the ground up in many respects. spriteCloud has a clear vision of who they are, what they do, and what they stand for, so I get to try my best at putting that vision into words and images.

Tell us something that you wish more people knew about you.
As a counterbalance to working in digital marketing and never really getting to hold what you create, I like to build and create stuff with my own hands. This can be things like building a kitchen shelf of my own design for my narrow kitchen, baking fresh bread by hand, creating a Snorri-rig, or decorating the house with photos I shot myself. I like to be quite hands-on when possible and really find it rewarding to create something or fix things myself.

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